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America's Garden Capital

Hey ya'll! I'm gonna give it a go..."give what a go" you ask? Writing a blog. To start, I'd like to point out that I am WAY MORE proficient at photography than I am at writing, so please bear with me.

In November of 2022, I was exploring a new outdoor space, something I often do. A little green book caught my eye as I walked through its welcome center.

[docent sitting behind the front desk]

Me: "What's this passport book for?"

Docent: "Oh! Take one. It's free. It's a list of all of the gardens within the Greater Philadelphia Area."

Me: "Say what now?!"

Anyone who knows me, can probably imagine how excited I was to hear these words. Who doesn't love a little passport book to track all of your adventures, AND get a free stamp to commemorate the activity! Well I do!

I quickly grabbed my new passport booklet, asked for my stamp, thanked the docent, and went on my way exploring. Now my mind is racing, and only one idea comes to me. It's obvious.

I'm going to visit all 38 gardens listed in this book!

With 38 public gardens, arboreta, and historic landscapes located within 30 miles of Philadelphia, the Greater Philadelphia region has more gardens in close proximity than anywhere else in North America. ~

So, this is how I'll jump start my blog. I'll keep you updated on my adventures and provide some great photography along the way for each of the gardens, arboretums, and nature preserves that I visit over the next year.

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Stay tuned.


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