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There is so much to say about Croatia. It is the most beautiful, charming, and welcoming place I have traveled to thus far. I had a fantastic travel experience coming to this country. For one, I knew people so I was able to have my own personal tour guide for two amazing weeks! Staying with locals and getting them to take you to their spots as well as visiting “touristy” places is the way to go.

I am in love with Croatia and not many people from the US know about it (from my experience). When I was planning this trip almost every person I told asked, “where is that?” I’ll admit I had to look it up myself at first but once you get familiar with the Adriatic Sea and surrounding countries it’s not hard to forget. It’s north of Bosnia and Herzegovina, south of Slovenia, east of Italy, and west of Hungary. The southeast part of Croatia is also bordered by Serbia.

The photos in this gallery are just some highlights from my trip. There are also a few posted on my Instagram page that might not have made the cut to the website.

I look at these pics at least once a week and just envision how much time before I go back.


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